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November  2015
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November 5, 2015

Hey Guys,
The Bird is out of the water and resting comfortably at her winter home in Newburyport, she’ll undergo the usual fluff and buff and get ready for next season. I’m hearing some positive news about the upcoming season starting May 1st in regards to haddock and cod regulations. I will keep you informed to the latest info. Thanks to all of you who joined us this season, stay warm and safe over the winter!


October 21, 2015

Caught today…Rick and Fuad!!
Still room on this Friday’s marathon and Saturdays all day trip. Not too many days left of fishing until next year! Book now




October 18, 2015

Pretty good fishing the past few days. The seas were choppy, but we got all trips in. Room on all upcoming trips. Extended forecast looks good. Tomorrows marathon has room so call the office to book!


October 11, 2015

Hey Guys,
Weather has had us stuck on the mooring for a couple of weeks. We did get out the last three days and got our asses handed to us every day. If we can get to where we want to go, which is about 34 miles worth of riding, we do well on the big pollock, getting there has been the problem, getting back proves to be as frustrating.

Availability Update:
Friday October 16th marathon…4 spots left
Saturday October 17th all day… Spots left
Sunday October 18th all day…plenty of room
Monday October 19th marathon….plenty of room
Friday October 23rd marathon…plenty of room
Saturday October 24th all day…plenty of room
Sunday October 24th all day…plenty of room
Monday October 26th marathon…plenty of room
Friday October 30th marathon…few spots left
Saturday October 31st all day…plenty of room

September 25, 2015

Availability Update:
Sunday September 27th All day trip….a few spots left
Monday September 28th Marathon trip….three spots left
Friday October 2nd Marathon trip…two spots
Saturday October 3rd All day trip…8 spots
Sunday October 4th Marathon trip…plenty of room
Monday October 5th Marathon trip…plenty of room
Friday October 9th MArathon trip…2 spots left
Sunday October 11th All day trip…2 spots left
Monday Columbus Day Marathon trip…10 spots left
Friday October 16th Marathon trip…plenty of room
Saturday October 17th All day trip…plenty of room
Sunday October 18th All day trip…plenty of room

September 20, 2015

Sunday October 4th is now a marathon. Call the office to book!

September 19, 2015

Seeing more and more big pollock as the season gets longer,
Haven’t had that big day where we could say we crushed them, but today was close. Not one fish had to be measured and the biggest was 32 lbs.


September 12, 2015

Pollock getting bigger! Three spots left for Friday September 18th marathon


September 7, 2015

Not great pollock over the weekend, but today’s marathon was very good. Remember to bring your jigs and blue teasers.

Availability update:
Friday September 11th marathon- 2 spots left
Saturday September 12th All day trip- 10 spots left
Monday September 14th marathon – plenty of room


September 2, 2015

Hey Guys,
Next trip with availability is this Friday’s Marathon. The weekend and Labor Day are full. Targeted species will be big pollock, cusk and reds.